Good Work

Title Good Work Description
Good Work done Others one Oppo Smartphone mobile recovered on the basis of CDR analysis and hand over of actual owner vide West Agartala PS GDE No 16 dated 25/12/19, On 06/11/2019 one Oppo Smartphone is recovered as per analysis basis of CDR/SDR & handed over to the actual owner this vide West agt ps gd entry no- 25, Dated- 5/11/19 and On 06/11/2019 one Oppo smartphone is recovered as per analysis basis of CDR/SDR & handed over to the actual owner this vide West agt ps gd entry no- 25, Dated- 5/11/19.
Good Work done Others On 02-06-2020 recovered 05(five) missing mobiles (Redmi Note-5, Samsung J 2, MI-Popo F 1 Rs. 20,999/-, Samsung J 2 and Lenevo) on the basis of SDR & CDR analysis and handed over to its actual owners by the help of West District Cyber Cell. This refers to East Agartala PS GDE No. 22 dated 13/04/2019, East Agartala PS GDE No 14 dated 24/03/2019, East Agartala PS GDE No. 33 dated 24/06/2019, East Agartala PS GDE No. 20 dated 17/07/2018 and East Agartala PS GDE No. 12 dated 21/07/2019.
Good Work done SDI PS Liquor Raids On 07-02-2020 at 1730hrs SDPO Mohanpur & OC PS along with TSR & CRPF personnel conducted raids at chechuria market (Sidhai) and seized about 100 bottles of FL and 4 bottles (8 ltrs) of CM liqour and total estimated value Rs. 15,000/- approx from shop & go-down of accused Sri Sridham Das S/o Lt. Amaratta Das of Chechuria, Sidhai. He has been arrested.
Good Work done AMT PS Liquor Raids On 08-02-2020 secret information self accompanied with SDPO Amtali conducted raid at Kanchanpally ONGC Market and seized 164 bottles of FL of various brands. Also arrested 2 persons namely Gautam Das and Jayanta Debnath under 69 TE Act of kanchanpalli, P.S - Amtali. PR will be submitted against them.
Good Work done BJN PS Others Budhjung Nagar PS case No-2020 BJN 009 dated,20/02/2020 U/S- 20(C)/27-A/29 of NDPS Act. On 20/02/2020 at about 1320 hrs O.C Budhjung Nagar PS has received secret information that, one NANO car B/R No- TR01-AP-0561 is coming from Raj Chantai towards Khayerpur side, loaded with some contraband goods, suspected to be Dry Ganja. The information noted in GD vides Budhjung Nagar PS GDE No- 14 dated-20/02/2020. The information after intimated to superior authority myself accompanied with O/C BJN PS (complainant) and other staff laid ambush at Khayerpur near Palli Mangal School. When the vehicle reached near at Pallimangal School then we are able to detain the vehicle. On being asked in presence of local witnesses, the driver and other available persons inside the vehicle were confessed that there are some contraband goods are available in the vehicle. O.C PS has informed the matter to SDPO NCC and requested to presence during search & seizure. Thereafter, the detained vehicle along with available persons inside the vehicles and two local witnesses were taken into at Budhjung Nagar PS. In presence of independent witnesses and SDPO NCC searched ourselves and prepared Pre-search Memo. Then we conducted search inside the detained vehicle & found total 11 (eleven) Nos packets covered by brown cello tape from the said vehicle. With the permission of competent authority on checking of those packets found contained with suspected dry Ganja, which weighing total 32.400 Kg. O.C PS have seized those 11 nos packets of suspected dried ganja and the vehicle B/R No- TR01-AP-0561 NANO after preparing of a seizure list in presence of SDPO, NCC and the independent witnesses. Detained the driver of the vehicle namely Amrit Debbarma(23) S/o- Sri Chitta Ranjan Debbarma of Kalidhan Para, Tamakari PS- SDI, and other available persons found inside the vehicle are namely 1) Suresh Kumar Sahani(28) S/O- Lt. Raj Kishore Sahani, 2) Ramesh Kumar(26) S/o- Sri Bodhan Sahani, 3) Chandan Kumar Sahani (32) S/O- Sri Bodhan Sahani, 4) Munna Kumar Sahani(29) S/o- Sri Harendra Sahani, 5) Pappu Kumar (21) S/O- Sri Ram Bahadur Rai 6) Hemanta Kumar Sahani (30) S/o- Sri Mangri Sahani all of Bihar state. On being asked the detained persons stated that they were purchased the said contraband items after financing their cash from one Ajit Debbarma S/o- Sri Gobinda Debbarma of Rash Mohan Para, Tamakari, PS- Sidhai. They also stated that they all are purchased the seized contraband goods for selling illegally and smuggling to their own state at Bihar violating the provisions of NDPS Act, 1985 which is punishable U/S- 20(C)/27-A/29 of NDPS Act. The seized contraband goods were kept in PS Malkhana vides Budhjung Nagar PS MR. No- 02/2020.
Good Work done BJN PS Others This refers to BJN PS GDE No- 23 dated-09/02/2020 On 09/02/2020 night at around 2205 hrs received an information regarding storage of contraband items like as Brown Sugar & Yaba tablets at Old Agartala, Khayerpur which may in the house of one Pranob Das or nearby place of that house. Informant was come at PS along with officer & staff of 21-Assam Rifles (Ex Mandwai). The infoamtion entered in the PS GD vide BJN PS GDE No- 23 dated-09/02/2020. The information informed to the SP West. As directed by the SP (West) self along with and women staff and Assam rifles officer and staff left for Khayerpur, Old Agartala to conduct raid. On arrival I have cordoned the suspected house and the nearby area by police personnel. Before entering in the suspected place we are searched our self in presence of witnesses and the one house member of that suspected house. Prepared a pre-search memo in presence of witnesses. Thereafter we are entered in to the house premises of that suspected house namely Pranob Das along with the witnesses and conducted thorough search in the inside of that house. During search we have failed to recover any suspected item from the inside of that house. During searching of outside neighbouring area of that house, we are able to recovered one green colour small carry beg and after open of that bag in presence of witnesses found that total 146 nos vials contained with suspected Brown Sugar which all are in a plastic small box, total cash Rs- 37200/-(thirty seven thousand & two hundred only). After that I have seized the all articles after preparing of a seizure list in presence of witnesses as well as Major. Brijit Tomar, 21-Assam Rifles, Mandwai u/s- 102 Cr.P.C. On being asked nobody came forwards before me for claiming of seized articles as owner.
Good Work done Others Srinagar PS:- On 04.01.2020 morning accompanied with PS officer and staff with PS reserve TSR personnels conducted anti Ganja raid at Jarulbachai Harish chandra para areas.During said raid destroyed approx.600 Ganja plants from 04 different plots.
Good Work done Others A.D.Nagar PS:- On 06/01/2020 morning one Bike bearing no TR 01V 5329 (super splander) has been missing which reported by one Sri Vaskar Deb S/o - Sri Sri Sudhir Ch.Deb of Tahasildar para Bhaattapukur which entered into GD Vide A.D.Nagar ps GDE No - 09 Date- 06/01/2020 , accordingly self a/w staff recovered the said Bike from Bhattapukur area and handed over to the owner ,this matter noted vide A.D.Nagar PS G.D.E No - 19 Date- 06/01/2020
Good Work done Liquor Raids Bodhjungnagar PS:- On 08/01/2020 according to a secret information SI Arup Debbarma, ASI Subodh Denbarma and staff were conducted anti-liquor raid in the house of one Mithun Dey of Jatrabari, Khayerpur recovered and seized total 75 no bottles of F. Liquor u/s-69 T.E Act. PR is being submitted against absconded Mithun Dey.
Good Work done Liquor Raids Based on secret information OC Champakanagar along with OC Jirania and team detained one vehicle bearing no AS01 W 9711 proceeding towards Agartala from Teliamura side at the break of night today. 4080 bottles of foreign liquor of different brands were seized from the vehicle. Break up 1. Caravan- 128 cartoons, 1536 bottles, 2. Kingfisher beer- 56 cartoons, 1344 bottles and 3. Tuborg beer- 50 cartoons, 1200 bottles. The driver of the vehicle Saymal Majumder of Lichubagan, PS- NCC is arrested and vehicle is seized. Photo enclosed
Good Work done Others Seized 192 bundles weighing 1960 Kg dried ganja in c/w Jirania PS Case No. 2018 JRN 054 dated, 12-07-2018 U/S-20(b)(ii)(C)/29 of NDPS Act, 1985 && Section 3(2)(c) of The Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984
Good Work done Others Seized 26 gms Narcotic drugs suspected to be 'Heroin' in c/w Jirania PS Case No. 2019 JRN 037 dated, 17-05-2019 U/S-21(C)/25/29/27A of NDPS Act, 1985
Good Work done Liquor Raids Arrested One person U/S 69 of the TE Act & Seized total -28 bottle Foreign Liquor & 12 Ltrs CM Liquer from Milan Chakra near CNG Station.
Good Work done Liquor Raids Total 446 nos bottles foreign liquor out of which 123 nos beer , foreign liquor 230 bottles, can beer 22nos and 30 bottles of I/D liquor seized by SDPO Amtali Shri Ajay Kumar Das and SI Dilip Kumar das, WASI Bijoy laxmi debbarma
Good Work of Police Stations Others On 06/04/2017 OC Mandwi PS with staff a conducted raid & seized various kind of timber from Sridam kobra para which value approx RS. 50,000/- and handed over to the Forest Department.
Good Work of Police Stations Others On 27/03/2017 Sidhai PS staff along with SDM Mohanpur raided a house and recovered timber and logs worth Rs. 10 lakhs which was later handed over to Forest Ranger, Mohanpur.
Good Work of Police Stations Others On 27/03/2017 based on information of SI Biswajit Debbarma of LFG PS with staff led by SDPO MNP recovered 520 five hundred twenty kilos of Dry Ganja from behind LFG school playground concealed in deep jungle meant for transporting the same from LFG.
Good Work of Police Stations Others On 20-03-2017 OC MGB TOP & staff conducted an antigambling raid at MG Bazar arrested 04 persons US 294(a)IPC , seized Rs 3000/- and 52 nos play cards. PR being submitted.
Good Work of Police Stations Others On 17.03.2017 OC Battala TOP & staff conducted an antigambling raid at Battala, Howra market area. During raid one person arrested U/S 294 (A) of IPC and seized RS. 1095/- as gambling money.
Good Work of Police Stations Liquor Raids On 14/03/2017 OC Patni OP & staff conducted a anti liquor raid at Patni para and seized 80 bottles beer (9000) & PR is being submitted against the involved.
Good Work of Police Stations Others On 15/03/2017 OC Lefunga PS with PS staff a secret tip off evening at 1845 hrs and seized 35 bags of Dry Ganja from Wasika Chowmuni kept concealed under bushes near under LFG PS approx weight 350 Kgs. Approx value 4.5 Lakhs.
Good Work of Police Stations Liquor Raids On 11/03/2017 OC MGB TOP with staff conducted an anti liquor raid at MG Bazar arrested 04 persons US 69 TE Act. Seized 125 ltrs county made liquor and 20 bottles foreign liquor. PR u/s 45 TE Act being submitted.
Good Work of Police Stations Others On 12/03/2017 morning one pulsar Motor Bike 200 CC Black colour, Engine No.JLZCCE15823, Chassis No.MD2A36F21CCE15655, Recovered from joynagar area(lock broken condition). The Motor Cycle Kept at BTL TOP.
Good Work of Police Stations Liquor Raids On 12.03.2017 OC Battala TOP conducted a raid and total 145 Ltrs C/made liquor seized from Battala, Howra market and Border Golchakkar area as unclaimed. During raid seized total 36 nos foreign liquors and arrested 01 person u/s 69 T.E Act and one person in 90 (ii) of T.P Act.
Good Work of Police Stations Liquor Raids On 11.03.2017 OC Battala TOP with staff conducted a raid and seized total 155 Ltrs C/made liquor from Battala & Howra market area as unclaimed.